The trials and tribulations of a would-be young yummy mummy

8 months of pregnancy stretch ahead.. it will be a huge adventure as I learn to be a mum and at the same time try and retain my individuality and my lifestyle...balancing self and baby...and becoming a brand new improved me - with a bump

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fraying nerves

During the day, whenever I think about the fact that I am pregnant, I feel really happy and protective of the baby and pray for it to be strong. But then night comes and with it waves of fear and trepidation and I find myself panicking, wondering if I can really do this. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming  - and with my husband stuck out in Dubai and me being in rural England, it can be very lonely at times, despite my lovely family around me. Still, I just have to stick it out, and I know deep down that I want this baby to be okay, I desperately want everything to be fine. These first 3 months of pregnancy are always touch and go and I am just constantly praying that the baby will be fine and strong enough to survive. Because I am attached to it, already, in a way, and it would crush me if something happened to it - it really would.

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